Carlo Acutis will be beatified on Saturday.
By Antonio Caschetto
Global Catholic Climate Movement Programs Coordinator, Italy

A highway to heaven. For we who are committed to nature and creation, it seems like a contradiction. Where and by whom is the Eucharist defined as a highway?

But, to be honest, between the young Carlo Acutis, who is to be beatified on Saturday, 10 October, and the Global Catholic Climate Movement, there exist many shared points of contact, both physical and spiritual.

First of all is precisely the link with creation. Carlo, who died in 2006 at the age of 15, often loved to retire in nature, from the stories and the photos you can often see him walking on the mountains, including on Mount Subasio near Assisi.

It is a place very dear to all of us, also for the presence of the Eremo delle Carceri, which still speaks to us today.

GCCM and Carlo also have in common the use of the Internet to communicate the Gospel that saves.

Carlo was a gamer and a computer programmer, and he will be proclaimed “patron saint of the Internet.” This movement is, logistically speaking, connected by way of the Internet as we seek to bring Laudato Si’ to life around the world.

This movement works to “weave networks,” and Carlo did so at a time when such Internet networks were almost at their infancy.

Finally, even physically, the streets of these two realities crossed in Assisi, the city that heard for the first time a man sing: “Laudato si’ mi’ Signore, cum tucte le tue creature,” or, “Be praised, my Lord, through all Your creatures.”

The body of the young Carlo rests — it is said that bodies rest, but in reality, he is more than active! — in the Shrine of Renunciation, the place where the Laudato Si’ Circle of Assisi, one of the first Italian Circles and the heart of different initiatives for the care of our common home, meets.

Carlo carried out his service towards the poorest, and this is what we all, including the thousands of Laudato Si’ Circles, Laudato Si’ Animators, and all the organizations and communities of this network, are called to do.

Because in the face of every poor person is Jesus Christ, the deepest sense of our actions and the engine that animates our days, the only road, indeed the only highway, that leads us to heaven.