Maureen Villanueva, Associate Coordinator of GCCM’s Mexico Chapter, speaking at the event.

Organized by 350.org, along with hundreds of partner organizations, including the Global Catholic Climate Movement, the Global Gathering for Just Recovery was held 9-11 April.

The online event brought together activists, climate leaders, artists, and people committed to creating a sustainable and just future. The program sessions were free, multilingual, and divided according to time zones.

Global influencers such as Naomi Klein (Canada), Greta Thunberg (Sweden), Ailton Krenak (Brazil), Vandana Shiva (India), Hakima Abbas (Kenya), Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria), Eriel Deranger (Canada), and Noelene Nabulivou (Fiji), among others, participated.

GCCM gave a presentation on Friday entitled “Catholics Facing Climate Change on a Global Level.” Ana Belen Ortega was the moderator and speakers included Lindlyn Moma, Advocacy Director, Maureen Villanueva, Associate Coordinator of the Mexico Chapter, and Mateusz Bednarkiewicz, Senior Advisor from Poland.

Lindlyn Moma, from Johannesburg, South Africa, stated that “organizations are called to see, judge and act on divestment.” She also mentioned the urgent need for all institutions to divest. “Time is critical and we must do it now,” she said.

The next divestment announcement is 19 May.

The Associate Coordinator of the Mexico Chapter encouraged the audience: “We are all called to act at all scales and sectors, local actions are the key to global impact,” she said. “People want to act, help them know how to start.”

Villanueva concluded by stating that “it is important to start making a plan, guide or reference framework to be able to define strategic actions in one’s own reality.”

In the last part of the presentation, Bednarkiewicz emphasized that “climate negotiations and the most vulnerable are connected”, and that “the Catholic Church has a lot to contribute during and after the COPs or climate negotiations.”