Take Action September 20 & 27

Stand up and join the climate strikes around the world.

Register your action

Whether it’s a march, a moment of silence, or a public prayer service, register your Catholic climate strike here

On September 20 & 27, there will be thousands of strikes around the world. This is a map of Catholic climate strikes. Register your participation so you can coordinate with Catholics in your area, and take a look at the pre-strike prayer service and more resources below.

If you’re looking for an existing event, try an Internet search “September 20 & 27 climate strike” plus the name of your location. You’re welcome to register that event here and to make use of all resources.

Join the climate strikes on September 20 & 27. Young people are standing up to take back the future. Supported by teachers, parents, and pastors, the message is clear: climate justice can’t wait.

Media and social media

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Laudato Si’ Generation abides by Catholic social teaching, including a commitment to nonviolent action. Please be sure to use these materials in events that reflect the spirit of Laudato Si’.

Latest stories

What to do after the strikes

Anyone who marched in the recent climate strikes knows that it’s crucial to keep that momentum alive. We must continue in our communities what began on the streets! And even if you couldn’t march, there’s much you can do to support this growing movement.